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alex harper

my name is                                            and i love being creative

some of the things I enjoy doing are
     making spreadsheets
     • designing stuff in photoshop
     • writing short stories that i'll never finish
     • saying i make music despite it being years
     • using a phone to pretend i'm a photographer

i'll be using this website to host some of that creativity, and to keep track of things i'd like to purchase. i could just use excel for that last thing, but then how would i get people to buy me stuff if they aren't listed in a public place?

please be patient while the site undergoes a facelift for the rest of time. no, seriously, i change this around all the time; it'll never be finished.

Unforgettable Innocencealex harper
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latest creations

01 persona 5.png
02 Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc.png
03 Cyberdimension Neptunia.png
31 Senran Kagura PBS.png

game posters

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